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The Life Of A Lizard In The R.I.F. Core....

....It's all about catching locusts you know?

Señor Paul Lagarto
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  • thinlizard@livejournal.com
Born: 1st February 1977
Died: TBA

Um yeah about me then um....

My biggest passions are: Music (Synthpop/Electropop/Futurepop/Electro/Progressive Trance/Progressive Breaks/Dark Electro/Industrial/EBM/New Wave), Dominoes Pizza, Horror and Science Fiction movies, clubbing and going to gigs, reptilian things, mixing/webcasting, the paranormal, cryptozoology, and the smell of creosote.

Things I can do without are: Polysteyrene, public transport, peas, large spaces of water (especially if inhabited by sharks) and staying in.

Maintaining communities - _drop_zone_, bl33pz, tsoundscape, ts_family & bodypop

Here are some of my webcasts/mixes i've done for CONNEXION BIZARRE (the more recent mixes being at the top):

To download the above mixes for free in high MP3 quality please visit my Multiply site.


8khz mono, [:sitd:], a blue ocean dream, a different drum, above & beyond, accessory, alien quadrilogy, alien vs. predator, amphibians, analogue brain, anjunabeats, assemblage 23, battery cage, bleep, burufunk, capsize, cesium_137, chameleons, chemlab, clive barker, clubbing, code 64, conetik, connexion bizarre, covenant, creasote, crocodiles, cryptozoology, cubanate, cube, dansad, de/vision, deadmau5, deepsky, delerium, depeche mode, diskonnekted, dj mark strube, dog soldiers, dreams, drop zone, dt8 project, ebm, echo image, ed wood, eddie izzard, eight to infinity, electro, electro house, electropop, endanger, family, fantasy, fantazja, flesh field, fracture, fractured, freshmau5, friday the 13th, friends, front 242, frozen plasma, futurepop, gangster movies, gary numan, ghosts, gigs, ginger snaps trilogy, h.r.giger, headscan, hocico, horror, hybrid, icon of coil, imperative reaction, in strict confidence, individual totem, industrial, infacted records, infest, informatik, iris, jimmy carr, latex, liquid divine, lizards, lotro, lp, machines of loving grace, mesh, mind.in.a.box, ministry, mixing, namnambulu, natalie jackson mendoza, necessary response, negative format, neuroticfish, new wave, nightmares, nun, plastic, poltergeists, predator films, pride and fall, progress productions, progressive breaks, ravenous, razed in black, reactivate, reptiles, rob zombie movies, rotersand, rozz williams, rubikon, rupesh cartel, russ meyer, sci-fi, seabound, sensor, serial killers, shiznit recordings, slimelight, snakes, solitary experiments, star wars, steril, steve coogan, synthetic culture, synthpop, syrian, the cure, the descent, the dignity of labour, the echoing green, the female species, the paranormal, the retrosic, the texas chainsaw massacre, the thing, the x files, thrill kill kult, trance, ven bravo, vnv nation, webcasting, werewolf movies, wideband network, wwe, zoology